ATI Publishing

ATI Publishing exists to provide quality theological material for local churches in Finland. We write, publish, translate, and distribute texts and books in English and Finnish. 

A selection of our Publications

  • God is the Gospel (Finnish translation)

    This book is a plea that God himself, as revealed most clearly and fully in Jesus’s death and resurrection, be seen and enjoyed as the final and greatest gift of the gospel.

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  • Baptist Catechism of 1693 (Finnish Translation)

    This catechism is a treasure of biblical truth authored at the end of the 17th century soon after the Baptist Confession of Faith in 1689.


  • A Reader's Greek New Testament: Part 1

    This Greek reader is a first of its kind in the the Finnish language. 

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Partner With Us

If you would like to purchase any of our publications or make a donation to help us expand the reach of our material in Finland, please get in touch.