Degree Programs

ATI’s academic degrees offer a unique possibility to receive formal training for pastoral ministry, missionary service, or teaching positions in the Finnish context and abroad. Each program takes place within the local church where students in most cases serve as pastoral apprentices as they concurrently study a rigorous degree program.


The Bachelor of Theology (BTh) is a 3-4 year part-time modular program which enables student to study the Scriptural and theological foundation of Christian Faith. The BTh is studied at ATI through a partnership with Martin Bucer Seminar and is a fully accredited degree. 


The Master of Theology (MTh) is a two year part-time modular program which enables student with a formative theological degree to refine their theological, exegetical, and pastoral skills through academic study consisting of six modules and a dissertation. The MTh is studied at ATI through a partnership either with Martin Bucer Seminar or with Union School of Theology (and is fully accredited in the UK. Learn more about the MTh on Union's website.)


The Master of Divinity (MDiv) is a three year full-time, or five year part-time degree program which provides a broad biblical, theological, and ministerial foundation for a lifetime of service to the local church. For those without an undergraduate degree, a Diploma in Church Ministries can be earned by following the same curriculum. There are currently two pathways to completing an MDiv. Students can complete the degree locally in Finland as an unaccredited program. Another option is through a partnership with the European Bible Training Center (EBTC) in Germany in which students are based in Finland but make occasional visits to Berlin. Learn more on EBTC's website.